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Who are we?

Gratiam Loyalties (Pty) Ltd is firstly South African, and also the owner and administrator of loyalty schemes. We are situated in Pretoria and believe that our team is made up of experienced individuals who ultimately appreciate innovation and making the world a better place. Gratiam do not only establish and manage its own loyalty programs, but also assist business by being an administrator of their in-house or brand loyalty programs.

Gratiam Loyalties have partnered with a South African loyalty administration system provider Loyalty Plus who, apart from fully understanding the South African market and it consumers, also recognizes the legal and statutory requirements involved in loyalty programs.

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Who are our clients?

Our clients range from our business partners in existing loyalty programs, to individuals who make up the members of these programs. We also invite businesses who already run loyalty programs and who would want to outsource the administration of their programs to a specialised administration company.

Business owners who believe that they too need an in-house loyalty program in order to match the offering of their competitors, can also contact Gratiam who will facilitate the establishment and ongoing administration of such program.

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